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Board and Staff

Leadership is provided by a Board of Trustees and Staff

In addition, the Fund is supported by a number of Sponsors:

Huwaida Arraf, Grantee 2005-2007

Lisa Brock
Margaret Burnham, Grantee 1967/68
Mina D. Caulfield (Founder)
Noam Chomsky
Johnnetta B. Cole
Angela Y. Davis
Terry Davis (Founder)
Lennox S. Hinds
Nancy J. Hodes

Robin D. G. Kelley
Jill Nelson, Grantee 1979/80
Jan Phillips, Grantee 1971/72
Barbara Ransby
Bernice Johnson Reagon
Paul Schachter, Grantee 1970/71
Andres Torres, Grantee 1980- 1982
Mary Helen Washington

Rest in Power:

The Fund works to honor and continue our long legacy of radical organizing, remembering those who have led the Fund as Founders, Trustees and Sponsors.


C. Quentin Davis

H. Chandler Davis

Horace B. Davis

George and Janet Faxon

Sara Gordon

Robert and Jane Hodes

Jessie Lloyd O’Connor

Leonard Radinsky

Dirk Struik

Ann and Katherine Timpson

Image of original Founders of the fund

Trustees and Sponsors:

Julian Bond

Anne and Carl Braden

Barbara Davis Crowley

James Donaldson

Ed Dubinsky

Joan Ecklein

Mel King

Richard Lewontin

Harvey O’Connor

Norton and Ruth Putter

Pete Seeger

Allen Silverstone

Claudia Zaslovsky

Howard Zinn

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