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DPSF Website Launch

Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund is proud to announce the launch of our newly designed website!

Our new website includes updated, insightful content to help potential applicants, former grantees, donors, and community members find out more about us and the work we do for social change.

The new site has a clean look, modern design and accessible site navigation, and we also used this opportunity to update and modernize the DPSF branding.

After 61 years of providing scholarships to student activists/organizers, we want to celebrate not only the important work of our current grantees, but also the legacies of our founders and those leaders through the decades who have made Davis-Putter a powerful force for building movements for progressive change.

Phase one, which is now complete, included:

  • A new logo and look to give us a modern refresh,

  • New language about who we fund and who our supporters are,

  • Clear impact numbers around how many grantees we have supported and how much money we have given,

  • Bios and photos of our board of trustees and staff,

  • An integrated online donation form to make it easier to support the Fund,

  • A news feature to keep you up to date on the activities of DPSF and our grantees,

  • And a more comprehensive list of Fund founders and leaders who have died, but whose legacy lives on through the work of our grantees.

Phase two, which we expect to be ready in the next few months will include:

  • An intranet which will facilitate community building and knowledge sharing for our past and current grantee community

  • Archival pages of past grantee cohorts, and

  • Financial transparency documentation on the public site including annual reports and a clear understanding of our spend down plan.

We hope the new fresh look and expanded offerings will make our site more user friendly for donors and potential applicants interested in being a part of the DPSF community.

Thanks to our Board co-chairs Swati Rayasam and Matt Birkhold for leading this project and to Trailblaze Marketing for their expertise in designing our site. We are excited to share it with you and hope you will share with your networks. Explore our site now.

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